"Erasmus in Schools was an unforgettable experience. The kids made a big impression on me by welcoming us even from our first steps at the gate. The kids in the two classes I had the chance to take part in were very curious and excited in exploring different countries. In the end, I got a lot of "loving letters" from the kids which made this experience so touchy. Coming to Thessaloniki would be just an experience of travelling. But through volunteering, I felt like I become a part of the city, with the local community. Volunteering definitely has become more meaningful to me since I saw myself in a different place, with different volunteers but we were doing the same thing: bringing happiness to others." - Hana

"With volunteering, the wonder is right behind the corner. The pupils in Thessaloniki and their teachers supported us to make the activities lovely engaging because those kids made the difference: they were the embodiment of curiosity! Even after years of volunteering, you understand why you're still in love with it, and reaffirms what you always knew, but thanks to ESN is everyday clearer: Europe is our continent which cultivates hopes and peace, and there is much more room for cultural understanding than hate and division." - Alberto

“The volunteering was the most exciting part of my exchange year, because it gave me the chance to meet and interact with interesting people from different generations and cultures. I felt that I was easily integrated into the community. It offered me many new impressions on the cultural and social system in France, and I was able to improve my social skills. All of these experiences will help me in my future career as a teacher.” - Robin

“We always talk about the importance of volunteering and I am happy to have taken a step forward and actually tried it on my own! It was fun and surprisingly easy to spend some time with locals, especially seeing there was a team of people involved and everyone believed in the importance of what we were trying to do. I felt more present, volunteering reminds me of the immediate issues I can address and shifts my focus from the big, daring dreams to the small, daily steps I can take to make the dream come true.” - Timka