​Are you not in contact yet with any local ESN section? We can make this match for you! Register your school on erasmusinschools.org

When you register your account, the National Coordinator will receive an official notification with the information you submitted about your school. They will be tasked to look for the closest ESN section in your area that can arrange for an Erasmus student to visit your school. They will put you in touch with the local ESN section that will help organise the Erasmus in Schools visit and look for an international student to visit your class. 

Note: the ESN team will try their best to connect you to a local ESN section and find an international student to come and visit your class, but as ESN is a volunteer organisation, please be aware it might not always be possible to find a perfect match. Do you want to know if there is a local ESN section in your area? Take a look at our section map here.

Do you already have an Erasmus in Schools activity planned with an ESN Section? Then they can create an activity online and send you an invitation to complete your Schools account on Erasmus in Schools account. 

When registering, you will be asked to provide the official address, website and logo of the school as well as a brief description of the school. 

Note: You can only create one account per school. We advise you to use an official school email account to submit the registration for the Erasmus in Schools platform.  If more teachers are interested in hosting international students in their class, we suggest to discuss who will coordinate the account or share the credentials among your colleagues. A contact person at the level of the school or regional school authority is necessary so that everything goes smoothly.