Hello everyone! We are Escola de Comércio do Porto (Oporto School of Commerce) and we are "A School With Attitude". We have around 300 students from 9th to 12th grade studying VET courses of commerce/sales, marketing, turistic operations and digital communication. We have been putting a strong focus on innovation and internationalization for the past year in our school as we ackonwledge their importance. In January, we sent out the first group of our students on Erasmus+ VET traineeships (in the picture). In 2019/2020, 36 more students and 16 teachers will have the opportunity to have this experience. As for the staff, we have a rather small internal team (30 people) but work with several more teachers and experts to provide the best and more diverse education to our students. Our values: education, excellence, human rights, democracy, freedom and sustainable development guide our work. Hence we invest on staff training oustide and within the walls of our school and joining projects that can benefit out students. To sum up, we are a school, a team and a city with open doors to the world and we are looking forward to work with all of you!