During the Fall semester of 2018, many local initiatives took place. Both during and outside of the Social Inclusion Days. 
Many different activities took place where exchange students volunteered to contribute to their host society. 

In order to improve the SocialErasmus programme we are collecting information in the framework of the SocialErasmus+ project. 

This survey is for all students taking part in SocialErasmus activities throughout the fall semester (september to december 2018). 
Please ask all students to fill this in, in order to see how they experience their SocialErasmus activities.
The survey will aim to collect information on the skills, knowledge and ideas the students gain during their volunteer experience.

The survey is directed at all students taking part in SE initiatives, only a specific amount of questions (only 3) will be asked about Erasmus in Schools activities in case they indicate this was the type of activity they participated in. 

Find the link to the survey here.

The Coordinator's survey will focus on the Erasmus in Schools Coordinators who have supported Erasmus in Schools activities throughout the fall semester (september to december 2018). 
Please provide us with your feedback in order to continue improof the SE activities. 

Find the link here

Next to the specific surveys organised for SE participants and EiS Coordinators - we would like to ask you to report the different activities in the Activities platform of ESN.