Are you ready to register your event? 

1. Login

Make sure that both the ESNer and the School have a profile to login on the platform. You can login here or in the sign in button on the main page. 

  • Schools should create an Erasmus in Schools account. This can be done through the following registration link
  • ESNers can login with their ESN account that you can create at

Only one of the partners in the project; ESN section or School, should create the event. However, it is asked to provide the name/link to the other partner. Both of the partners thus need access to the Erasmus in Schools platform.

2. Create Activity








Once you are logged in, you can go to the top left corner of the screen and hover on "Add content". You will then see the option to add Events. 
This will open a new page with a set of questions to fill in will open. 

The most important questions you need to answer, should be developed in collaboration between the ESN section and the School. 
These are the following : 

1. Title of the activity
2. Description of the activity
3. Contacts of ESN and the School 
4. The amount of visits possible in the school/class
5. Amount of international students you are searching for per visit
6. Age of the pupils in the class 
7. Duration of 1 individual visit
8. Topic of the class: what should the class be about. Please bare in mind that the ac 
9. Deadline : by when do you want students to register for the activity?
10. Start Date: What would be the earliest possible date the activity would take place?
11. End Date: What would be latest possible date the activity would take place?
12. Event location: actual address of the location of the visit. 
13. Image: You can upload an image, we advise to create a picture with dimensions of 621 x 311 px

Note: In order for you to search for multiple visits in one Activity, it is possible to submit an interval of time with an expected start and end date. It is not needed to create a separate event for each visit if you would like to have students doing multiple visits throughout a period of several weeks/months. 

Once filled in, you can preview the activity to see what it would look like online. Once you are happy with the result, you can submit the event. 
The Event will now be live till the final date mentioned on "End date of Activity" and should look like this example: 

3. Promote the Events to students

Now you can start promoting the event to students.