Practical Information
Amount of International students searched: 
Visits possible: 
flexible & to be discussed. up to 2 hours weekly
Age of target group: 
Duration of individual event: 
1-2 hours
Topic of the class: 
chat, eat, play, do homework, hang around
Sunday, 11 November, 2018 - 23:45
Event should take place between
Start date: 
Monday, 19 November, 2018 - 12:45
End date: 
Friday, 18 January, 2019 - 15:45
Contact esn section: 
ESN Uni Wien
Event location: 
Kandlgasse 39
1070 Vienna
Event Description: 

Chat with the kids, play with them, help them with their homework, go eat with them or go to the schoolyard, etc.
We are a very diverse school, our pupils have very different backgrounds and conditions, but they all come to the afternoon supervision.

Afternoon supervision generally starts when classes are finished, which depends on the timetable of each group. It can be the soonest at 11.50am. However, most groups finish their morning classes at 1.50pm.
Between 1.50pm and 2.50pm (7th hour in our school), the afternoon supervision is the most crowded. Afterwards, most of the kids go back to their afternoon classes.
Those who don't have any afternoon classes, stay (almost all of them) until 4.25pm, some of them even until 5.15pm though, which is the time by which the afternoon supervision service closes.

Our plan for the afternoon supervision hours is therefore the following:
1.-4. Stunde: (8:00-11:50) - morning classes
5.-6. Stunde: (11:50-13:50) - only a few kids are in the Nachmittagsbetreuung and only one or two teacher(s) to supervise them
7. Stunde: (13:50-14:45) - Mittagspause / lunch time: the kids eat, play, go to the gym hall, hang around & relax, etc.
8.-9. Stunde (14:45-16:25) - the kids first have support lessons or do their homework on their own. then they can play, do handicrafts, relax, or (if the weather is fine) go to the schoolyard.
10. Stunde: (16:25-17:15) - only a few kids are left and only one teacher stays with them

As you can see, hour 7 is the most turbulent, but we also have the most teachers scheduled during this time, and there is always one sports teacher who supervises the students in the gym hall.
Therefore, support by international students would be the most useful during the following periods:
12.50 - 2.45pm OR
1.50pm - 3.35pm

It would be good if the students could come always 10-15 minutes in advance because the exact start and end time of the lessons is always very stressful.
They have of course no responsibilities and there will always be at least one teacher with them.